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Habbot sept23

Welcome to the website of The Kenilworth Multi-Academy Trust.  Thank you for taking the time to view this site and find out more about us.

We are a small Trust consisting of Kenilworth School & Sixth Form and The Westwood Academy, united in our mission to motivate all young people to aspire to excellence so that they can be the best they can be and develop a thirst to learn throughout life.

Every young mind has the potential to be a giant, everyone has star quality. In the Kenilworth Multi-Academy Trust we aim high and let no barriers hold our young people from achieving more than they thought possible.  We cannot change their past experiences but we are united in our drive to reduce the gaps in the outcomes of our young people and aim for social equity by providing new and exciting opportunities for all young people to excel.

Our teachers and support staff put children first and ‘go the extra mile’ to provide extensive opportunities for our students. Teachers work in collaboration, within and across our schools to develop innovative approaches and ideas that will add value to the lives of our young people.  

The Kenilworth Multi Academy Trust (KMAT) believes that school leaders, supported and challenged by their Local Governing Bodies and Board of Trustees, should lead their schools and fully reap the freedoms and benefits of being in a dynamic partnership.  KMAT empowers Heads of Schools and Head teachers to make decisions, determine practice and experience a degree of flexibility within a framework of key overarching policies which develop consistency in strategy, but avoid uniformity in operational routines. We celebrate the diversity of our students and work closely with all of the communities in which our schools are located.

In always putting children first, our reference point is ‘what do we want our young people to experience and what will we do to help them become resilient, resourceful and responsible people who can adapt and make a valid contribution to a rapidly changing society.   

Feel free to contact to contact us if you wish to know more about the Kenilworth Multi-Academy Trust.

Yours sincerely,

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Hayden Abbott
Chief Executive Officer/Accounting Officer
Kenilworth Multi-Academy Trust