Students in KMAT Schools

In the Kenilworth Multi Academy Trust our students aim to be the best that they can be and are ambitious in their pursuit of excellence. They enjoy their learning and make good or excellent progress, irrespective of their prior attainment and socio-economic profile.

When they leave school they embrace the next stage of their life as responsible, resilient and resourceful young people, equipped with the skills to be successful in higher education or employment. Our young people are proud of their school and the KMAT. They are encouraged to take risks, challenge themselves to volunteer for positions of responsibility and undertake new activities which may be ‘outside of their comfort zone’. By learning from mistakes, they become more reflective, reason well and are adaptive to change. Their education provides them with the flexibility to compete for jobs and future positions that may not yet exist.

KMAT Schools and our Values

The Kenilworth Multi Academy Trust has a unique identity and our commitment to inclusive practice runs through all of our schools. Each school has its individual strengths and draws on the expertise of the collective provision of the KMAT.


Our success is founded on the partnership between parents, schools and pupils. We broaden horizons for our young people and embrace diversity by enabling them to work in partnership with others, across a wider socio-economic and ethnic profile beyond their base school.

They participate in enrichment activities within the KMAT, for example, educational visits, regional and international competitions, music or sports tournaments, joint student councils and learning ambassador schemes.

We add value to the lives of our young people through an excellent all round education that extends beyond the classroom and engages the communities in which our schools are located: the town of Kenilworth and South West of the city of Coventry. We are a small Multi Academy Trust with no more than five schools, both primary and secondary, providing a strong and seamless transition through all key stages.

The Curriculum in KMAT Schools

We are united in our commitment to narrowing gaps in educational attainment between the most advantaged and disadvantaged young people through a curriculum that is adapted to their needs. Our education stimulates a passion for independent learning and the development of broader life skills, such as reasoning, reflection, and team work. The curriculum intent in each of our schools allows for flexibility to adapt provision to meet the needs of its learners. In KMAT schools, we emphasise the importance of a broad education that is more ambitious than the national curriculum, developing cultural capital and knowledge beyond that which is examinable. The curriculum in all of our schools prioritises the interrelationship between learning that engages young people, the development of character, healthy minds and the balance between academic study and the pursuit of wider non-academic interests. February 2020 Communication is good between all schools and facilitates effective primary to secondary transition. Students have access to new opportunities within the KMAT family, including summer schools, drama, arts and sport.

In Key Stages 4 and 5, some students may be required to travel to a different KMAT school to access certain option subjects. Resources may be pooled across the KMAT to offer an alternative curriculum for identified students in Key Stage 4. A KMAT offer for a post 16 curriculum provides a wide range of choices for students to remain within KMAT schools and attracts students from other local schools. The offer is broad and capitalises on the expertise of the collective provision, and specialist knowledge of teachers across Kenilworth School and Sixth Form and the Westwood Academy. A level courses provide challenge and academic rigour enabling students to excel and develop independent learning habits. All courses are cost effective, providing good value for money, and avoiding duplication of provision across the KMAT. Alternative non-A level provision enables all students from year 11, including those who are SEND, to access suitable choices if they do not meet entry criteria for A level courses. Careers information advice and guidance is offered to all students in the KMAT to enable them to make the right choices for their next steps.

KMAT Staff

Our teachers and support staff strive to be the best professionals they can be. They are committed to teaching all young people, including those in other KMAT schools beyond their base school if required. Communication between staff across schools is good and teachers share resources and plan together. Senior and middle leaders engage in joint quality assurance for consistency.


The KMAT provides excellent continuing professional development for all staff leading to a highly motived, skilled workforce. Many of our highly qualified teachers lead training of graduates and new recruits into the profession.

We build on nationally awarded accreditations and professional qualifications to develop and integrate system leadership and school improvement, across our schools or in partnerships beyond the Trust.

A small team of specialist and advisory staff are effectively deployed for school improvement across the KMAT. In addition to an extensive CPD programme, we incentivise our workforce with a range of initiatives for staff well-being and occupational support packages to assist recruitment and retention. With a fair and robust system for performance management staff are rewarded in many ways, in addition to pay.

KMAT and The Wider Community

Good links exist with the local community, local authorities, universities, primary or secondary schools and national agencies to enhance continuous improvement of the KMAT. Students benefit from the involvement of local business partners through a range of opportunities within and across schools to widen participation into higher education and broaden awareness of opportunities for apprenticeships and employment. Partnerships with business and industry, both nationally and internationally, provide new experiences for students and teachers to understand the importance of skills for employability.

KMAT Governance

Governance and leadership is ambitious and forward thinking. Governors, Trustees and Executives understand the needs of our schools, hold leaders to account and are relentless in their pursuit of excellent provision for the students in KMAT schools.


They are committed to embedding the values of the KMAT across all schools and ensuring that each school provides best value for money and positive educational outcomes for all of our young people.


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