Mr Peter Dixon


Peter join the KMAT team in July 2023 as the Head of ICT and Digital, bringing a wealth of experience in the education sector for over a decade. With a foundation in a creative discipline, Peter holds a degree in Music and has seamlessly merged his artistic background with his IT expertise. 

In his role, Peter leads with a keen focus on innovation and progress. Guiding the central KMAT IT team, he directs the development and seamless integration of cutting-edge systems and technologies. This ensures that the educational offerings provided to KMAT's students are not only contemporary and secure but also effective and tailored to our pupils needs. 

Harnessing his extensive knowledge and adept problem-solving skills, Peter approaches new challenges with unwavering ingenuity. His dedication to pioneering technologies infuses dynamism into KMAT's technological landscape, positioning the institution at the forefront of modern technology-driven education. 

Peter's journey from a creative background to the helm of IT leadership underscores his versatility and commitment to innovation. His role as the Head of IT signifies his dedication to fostering secure, progressive learning environments while cultivating collaborative partnerships that drive KMAT's technological evolution.