Mr Hayden Abbott

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Hayden has a wealth of successful experience in school leadership, having been the Head teacher of Kenilworth School and Sixth Form.  Under his leadership, the school enjoyed many successes including a recognition by Ofsted as ‘outstanding’ in all areas. Since 2015. Hayden has been a National Leader for Education, supporting local schools to improve, through highly effective school to school partnerships and executive coaching of school leaders. He enjoys working with The Westwood Academy and is keen to promote further collaboration across KMAT schools. 

Hayden was one of the founders of the Kenilworth Multi Academy Trust in 2019 and, from then until 2023, combined the role of Accounting Officer of KMAT with Executive Headship. He is particularly proud of his leadership experience of developing partnerships to achieve strategic goals, whether these be in school improvement or new school construction.  

A former teacher of modern foreign languages, Hayden has always promoted an ethos of inclusion and partnerships with the business and education communities to improve students’ transition from school into the adult world.

When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family, mountain walking and going to the theatre.